Pre-order Draumr XL and accessories

Pre-order Draumr XL and accessories

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April 1 2019
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Amok Hammock Calibration Cup
Pre-order XL gear in August to get a free Amok hammock hang calibration cup with your order. If you order more than one product you'll of course get an equal amount of cups. Otherwise it wouldn't be fair to your fellow campers.  

The cup's unique inner design will help you get a near perfect hammock hang. Fill the cup with liquid fluid, and follow the instructions. An approximate 30 degree angle between the suspension cord and the tree is considered ideal. 

When not assisting you to set up your hammock, the cup can be used as a
 cooking vessel over open flames, or simply as a camping coffee mug. Made from enamelled metal. Robust and easy to clean.


Draumr XL Amok tribe edition
You, our followers, make a big difference. We are happy you care enough to continuously have expressed your interest in a longer version of the Draumr hammock. You asked for it. We made it.

Our main goal at Amok is simply to make well-functioning premium camping gear which differs from standard equipment. 

In addition to developing premium products we want to try other exciting things. With the launch of Draumr XL we also introduce a new sales model: Our XL products will only be available directly from Amok and a few selected partners where you can try the products. Fewer intermediaries means top quality at an affordable price.

So what's next? We're outdoor people and curious engineers who have a lot of ideas, but foremost we'd like to listen to you (again). Give us a shout.


Amok Draumr XL Pre-order Timeline
Key takeaway: save the most and get a free hammock cup by ordering early on.

Your new gear will be at your doorstep around April 1, 2019. We ship all pre-orders end of March from our warehouse in Rotterdam. No hidden costs. All EU orders includes duties, value added tax and shipping (free shipping on EU order over €100). 


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