Amok Draumr (1 Person) Size Guide

The Draumr 5.0 and Draumr UL hammocks come in standard length and extra long (XL).

Choose standard length if you're up to 180 cm. Choose XL if you're over 180 cm. Max user length is 210 cm.

By choosing the correct length, you’ll get a hammock that is...

...spacious for your height,

...where the foot end is within reach, making the bug net easy to open and close,

...that gives you a flat and balanced lying position, and

...that supports your head, back and knees in chair mode.

If the hammock is too long it can be hard to fold the foot end into chair mode and sliding out of a sitting position is common.

If the hammock is too short you loose some of the support under your legs and when reclined you might experience that there is no support for your head.

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